Ranging from design consultancy to brand identity, Lina Dietrich presents a global approach to design, providing a truly effective strategic tool for any company, whether large or small.

Her’s aim is to offer consistency, harmony and a number of extra advantages to the client’s banner in its repositioning or development project.

Her’s areas of expertise include:

– interior design for commercial premises,

– creation and enhancement of visual identity,

– interior design and decoration of private homes,

– consultancy service.


These areas of expertise permit a rigorous consistency in the management and strategic development of those components critical to Identity Capital. Lina’s core values are embodied through the fundamental concept that design is an investment asset intended to last over time, integrating both the expertise of marketing and of design.

A good design increases brand recognition and builds customer loyalty. 
Lina Dietrich helps clients to add a new dimension to their working environment, enhancing it through brand differentiation, customer loyalty, brand recognition, seduction and emotional response. 
By directly influencing consumer behaviour, she offers them comfort, quality of life and enjoyment, while at the same time hoping to stimulate an awareness that will result in improved discernment. Combining unity with humanity is where the agency intends distinguishing itself today.

Lina Dietrich believes in the pertinence and excellence of mixing cultures and forms.

With a formidable empathy for human nature and fundamentally aware of the desires and needs of her clients, she also knows how to satisfy their implicit expectations thanks to an extreme sensitivity and a great intuition.

Establishing trust while at the same time innovating and always striving to do better, she understands that behind every client enterprise that accords her their trust, there are above all individuals that she is trying to touch : simple, feminine and generous.